EXPRESS YOURSELF! – Division A Conference in Warsaw, Autumn 2019

19th October. Year 2019

Still no flying cars, cosmic travels or Terminators 😉 

Due to this fact we still need to communicate. In the best possible way. Hopefully, we do present ourselves like who we are, not like some weirdos 😉 That is why the title of the conference was “EXPRESS YOURSELF!”

The conference started at 9am and within just ONE DAY we had 4 contests and 5 workshops! [WOW!]

The morning opened with a session by a Toastmaster Marek Wzorek who spoke about ‘turquoise’ organizations – organizations that are selfmanaged, have a powerful goal and no need for hierarchy, consensus, central command  and control.

Later during the day we had a privilege to guest 3 wonderful external presenters from “Values” – training company of one of the most well known psychologist in Poland – Jacek Santorski. They delivered workshops on resolving conflicts in organizations, the strong and the dark sides of them, and how to deal with tough situations.

The fifth workshop was done by Ola Lewandowska – she presented how we should speak so we will be listen. For me those five workshops created the highest level of performance on Toastmaster conference during my 5,5 year TM career. Congratulations for Anna Filipek and Patryk Skóra to organize them!

Later we passed to division finals in humorous speeches and table topics. And here the Division A winners are:


1. Jakub Godlewski
2. Monika Kępka

AUDIENCE AWARD – Jakub Godlewski


1. Przemysław Kutnyj
2. Adel Badretdinova
3. Bogdan Aldea

AUDIENCE AWARD- Przemysław Kutnyj


1. Piotr Makowski
2. Jan Siwek
3. Hubert Niewiński

AUDIENCE AWARD – Jerzy Lewandowski


1. Bogdan Aldea
2. Svietlana Ivanowa
3. Hubert Niewiński


For those who won the audience award we had an amazing present – a 40 years old leather suitcase or a painting from the grandpa basement. It made a lot of laughs, which we had in plentiful during the whole conference.

After the conference we went to “Świetlica Wolności” – for an afterparty! We drank, danced and talked for hours – like it should be in Toastmasters!

It was a try of a one day conference. In my opinion it is a very good idea for the Division which are not so spread geographically. Now, we just need to wait for the Polish conference “Widzimisię” in Białystok on 14-16 February and District 108 Сonference in Vilnius, Lithuania!

Come and express yourself there! 😉

Rafał Staszek vel Staszewski, Division A Director, District 108

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