Russia, Moscow… Level up!

Three weeks have already passed since the Moscow Area Spring Conference 2019 took place in a big hall of the Russian company “Akado”. 

Our “international” flavour was turned up before the conference started – the majority of our international guests came before the conference started. Our guests  from Poland (Piotr Chimko and Aleksandra Lewandowska),England (Florian Bay and Ga Lok Chung)and Dubai (Liaqat Ali Khan Surizai) had taken the pleasure of walking down the Moscow streets. The special organised tour included the most uncommon and unusual corners of Moscow as well as the most popular places like the Red Square where the  Kremlin’s Red Stars shined as bright as our speakers during the conference.

We’ve “levelled up” the Russian Toastmasters community over the past few years hence why we chose it as our theme and the name of the Area Conference: Level Up. There was as many tasty workshops and contests to try as the Russian dishes (like Borshch, Golubtsy or Kvas) we tasted the day before the Conference.

Public speaking is all about the lasting relationship with your audience. The “Level up” keynote Speaker, charming Aleksandra Lewandowska, not only revealed us the secret of how to hook up, but also made us feel how to give your energy to the audience.

Already hooked up and charmed, the best Russian speakers participated in three area contests: the English speech contest, Russian speech contest and the English evaluation contest. We were honoured to have Piotr Chimko as our target speaker giving us new information about Star Wars;)

Informative workshops from our foreign guests and Russian Advanced Toastmasters helped us to level up in many spheres: How to give feedback in TM and life, effective leadership, what’s the best way to analyse your audience, how do you choose the best topic for your speech amongst others. 

All these important parts of the conference have always been under the strict control of a very experienced Russian Toastmaster, Conference Chair Sergey Saprykin.

It’s impossible to have a TM Conference without an afterparty to match: relaxed, informal conversation always makes us level up by building new bridges between Toastmasters and between countries!

We are waiting for you in Moscow!

If you have any questions, please contact KristinaSharykina – Assistant Director International Relations (Moscow Area)

PS: Take a look on our short conference video! 🙂

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