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Fill in the District order form for Purchases on District 108 shop

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District order form

We are happy to announce that District 108 shop is now available!Below are the steps how to pre-order:-Make your selection from the  Toastmasters International Shop:https://www.toastmasters.org/shop;-Fill in the District order form (attached);-Send it to orders@toastmastersd108.org;-Wait for the order confirmation;-Make a payment to bank account, which will be sent with the orderconfirmation by the 14th of April. Prices are pegged using an exchangerate of 1$=1€;-Pick up your orders during District 108 Conference on the 26-28th ofMay in Vilnius!Please be informed that any unpaid orders will be cancelled. Also, Ifyou send someone else to pick up your order, be sure to communicatethis to us when you place your order.Save your time, shipping charges, credit card fees and import duties!Let’s go shopping!


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