District Council Meeting 2023

About proxies.
Below we explain the rules for holding proxy and voting:
Proposal L was adopted during Annual Business Meeting – With the adoption of Proposal L, proxies are no longer permitted. The Club President and Vice President of Education, the club’s two voting representatives on the District Council, are expected to attend and vote at all District Council meetings. However, each club has the option to determine if one of its two representatives will carry the club’s two votes or if both representatives will carry one vote each. So it will be like a “light proxy”.
What does it mean?
You can choose an option:
1) The Club President and Vice President of Education will attend and vote (2 votes, 2 different people)
2) The Club President will attend and Vice President Education won`t attend, in this situation, the Club President is able to carry 2 votes (2 votes, 1 voting person: club president)
3) The Club President won’t attend and Vice President Education will attend, in this situation Vice President Education is able to carry 2 votes (2 votes, 1 voting person: VPE)
4) The Club President won’t attend and the Vice President of Education won`t attend, no other person can hold a vote (0 votes)
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Save the Date! We’re cordially inviting you to our District Council Meeting that is taking place on the 07th May 2023. We are starting at 9.30 am CEST, the plan is to finish by 1:00 pm 🙂
The District Council Meeting is one of the most important events for a district. This year we will meet for the 2nd time. The prime part of this meeting is elect our next District Leadership Team for 2023-2024 Year, based on nominations made by the District Leadership Committee (report included). Also we will decide about the future shape of our district from 01.07.2023, based on District Alignment Committee recommendations (report included).
Your participation is mandatory to get a quorum and make all voted motions binding. Proxies are allowed only between a President and VPE of a club.
The meeting will be held online. We will confirming zoom link later on. Expect for it.
To register your participation please fill in the form in the comments until 04.05.23, 11.59 pm 🙂


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