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Dear Odyssey travelers,

MENTORING is the key educational element in the Toastmasters ‘learning by doing’ system. A good mentor gives you valuable feedback, shares his knowledge, offers support and helps you to grow along your Toastmasters journey.

It is great to be a mentee with a careful supervision of your skillful mentor. However at some point we grow out of a mentee role and turn into MENTORS ourselves.

When does this moment come? How to realize that you are ready to teach and support others? What does it take to become a GREAT MENTOR?

These are the questions to which our guests – experienced ODYSSEY PROJECT MENTORS – gave answers during our meetup that took place on June 2nd. The video recording of this meeting is available below 🙂 

Thanks to all our active paricipants, to the ‘captain’ of the meeting – Valeria Kholodkova, PRM od District 108 and to our three honorable and skillful speakers and mentors: 

1. Adriana Vasilache, DTM – founder of the Odyssey Project, CGD of District 108.
2. Lukasz Chomicz, CC, ALB – Area D3 Director of District 108.
3. Panos Korelis, ACG, ALB, District 109.

If you are not yet on board of the Odyssey ship, do register here – 

Big thanx for the great photos to Ana Sia, Odyssey project organizing team member! 


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