Meet D108: Division D

In the last Toastmasters year 2019-2020 one of the best Divisions in our District 108 so we are a strong competitor Division D used to stretch through the whole southern Poland and 7 Areas. After the realignment it consists of 4 with 18 clubs in total. If you want more than just facts, dive into the article prepared by former Division D PR Manager, Paulina Szot.

Current Division Director is Krzysztof Indycki, known for his technical and driving skills, as well as infinite amounts of energy. His team are Konrad Łebkowski, Łukasz Korduła, Ewa Wojciechowska and Katarzyna Chrunik as Area Directors, as well as Paweł Kozieł as PR Manager and Tomasz Kruk as Mentoring Manager.

Coming from different clubs, they represent the great diversity of Division D. Examples of this diversity you can find below.

Toastmasters Czestochowa is a home to great speakers and leaders. 3 DTMs and Justyna Walenta, who scored 3rd in the Polish Championships of Humorous Speeches 2020. They are the home club of a past Division Director, Olga Turek-Woźniak as well as the current Area Director, Konrad Łebkowski. They were also responsible for organising a Division D get together event, “At the Source”

Toastmasters IG Wodzislaw is a home to the recent Polish Evaluation Champion, Roksandra Kłobuch. Other active contestants are Kacper Biernacki and Rafał Wiejacz. They don’t forget about the leadership though! Past President, Jadwiga Brzezinka, was part of a Division conference team and Aneta Buczak currently takes care of PR in the area.

Toastmasters Na Szczycie, which means On the Top, are indeed On the Top. Literally! They are the southmost club in District 108. They have organised a Division conference at almost 800 meters above the sea level! And they are the home club of Toastmaster of the Year 2019, Ryszard Kosowicz!

Silesia Speech Masters is the only English speaking club in the area. They created a special meeting role – Pronunciation Evaluator, to relieve Grammarian and practice proper accent. They are active also outside Toastmasters, as they helped with the Silesian Science Festival in 2017 as well as the Non Government Organisations Festival in 2019.

Inspire Rzeszow Toastmasters are truly inspiring. They have been home to 3 Area Directors, 1 Division Director and to the first DTM in Rzeszów, who will soon become double DTM. Even though the club is a Polish one, the first meeting of the month is always held in English.

Krakow – corporate clubs

Corporate environment is the trademark of Area D4. The oldest club is BBH Poland TM, the youngest Jacobs TM. BBH is the home club of Ewa Mleko, who participated in the final stage of the Polish Public Speaking Championships.

Toastmasters PK has raised 3 Area Directors and the PR Manager of Division D. They are know for creative PR Campaigns, such as the Voice of TM based on popular talent show or the Triangle of the Sorting Hat Speakers, which is based on the Hogwart Houses known from the Harry Potter series.

Kraków Public Speaking Club is the oldest club in Kraków and the only English speaking community club up to date (all corporate clubs are English speaking). Currently they are meeting in the historical workshop of a famous Polish artist, Stanisław Wyspiański. It’s also the home club of current PR Manager D108 and 2020 Evaluations Champion, Justyna Lityńska. 

Toatmasters Kielce is one of the youngest clubs in Poland and currently the youngest club in Division D. Already now it’s home to an Area Director and Division PR Manager. Members are known for high motivation, always attending the conferences in big numbers.

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