Meet D108: Division C

Our journey through District 108 continues

This week you will learn more about Division C through the words of their PR Manager – Katarzyna Ciupa.

Welcome to the Division C.

A few words about our division:

Kamil Chmiel is the director of this term.
The division includes  4 areas, 20 clubs and about 4️00 members.
The clubs are located in the cities of Wroclaw, Opole, Poznań, Piła and Szczecin.

Meetings are held in a similar way in all clubs, but each of us has the opportunity to introduce innovations or our ideas. For example:

In the Wrocław Leaders Toastmasters Club, the Online Presence Assessment function was introduced during online meetings, which focused on the full assessment of the meeting and people (Internet connection, webcam and background, camera setting etc.).

In Poznaj Toastmasters, members of the club prepare videos that suggest what happened in the club in the previous month.

Verbal Victory Club has a separate function at the meeting: Table Topics Evaluator.

Hybrid meetings are successfully conducted at Toastmasters Poznań. Some members and guests meet on-site and all can join online. Members have the opportunity not only to watch the meeting, but also to actively participate in it as a Speaker, Evaluator or participant in the Table Topics Competition.

ToastMasters Szczecin Club has a Mindfulness Auditor contest every meeting. It is based on the fact that one of the people during the whole meeting closely observes them and comes up with questions about what happened during the meeting. At the end of the meeting, the Mindfulness Auditor asks a question and waits for the first person to answer correctly. It is a lot of fun and it increases awareness in the meeting.


Interesting facts

We have a Ukrainian language club, a bilingual club (GSK Corporate Club), an advanced club – Klub Zaawansowany Toastmasters Wrocław (with hard, necessary criterion: completed CC handbook or one Pathway).

We border two districts.

There is the WrocLove Speakers club in the district, which won the most educational awards in the district in the last Toastmasters year.

WrocLove Speakers Club is a factory of the best speakers. Cyril Junior Dim is from this club. Cyril advanced to the semifinals of the International Speech Contest, where he will compete with 27 other speakers.

ToastMasters Szczecin is involved in various fundraisers, e.g. # Hot16challange or #GaszynChallanege.

ToastMasters Szczecin and Toastmasters Poznań created brilliant videos to promote help for doctors and nurses in # Hot16challange. You can see it here:

and here:

There is a club in our division that brings up controversial topics such as politics, economy and religion. It meets on Sundays and is called KontestMasters.

 Toastmasters Business Club meets in Poznań every Thursday. They focus on entrepreneurship and their every meeting includes a discussion at the end of the meeting when they discuss issues related to the meeting theme.


There is something special about our division:  you can feel while working with clubs in the district that there is a positive atmosphere and willingness to help each other. We are all support for each other.


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