Meet D108: Division A

Would you like to learn more about Division A?

Here are are some interesting facts prepared by its member – Ewa Zarkiewicz!

Warsaw itself has as many as seventeen clubs. Might give you a headache! A headache, because each and every club has its own rules, rituals and traditions. If you do a marathon across these clubs you have a feeling of visiting a new reality every day. Completely unpredictable!

Staring with Monday you go to Toastmasters Asbiro and you cannot believe your eyes. Everyone is smiling at you with no reason and asking “How are you?”. Makes you want to go to a mirror and check whether you have something on your face. Their meeting are full of freedom and stand-up mood, so don’t be surprised if you hear comments on the speech from the audience every now and then. Therefore Asbiro performance is for the brave ones and those who can take the constant strain of their face muscles from laughing.

Tuesdays also aren’t calm and quiet in Warsaw. Top Careers Toastmasters, similarly to Asbiro, meet in club conditions. Here you can learn A LOT. It’s the oldest Polish speaking club in Poland, full of experienced speakers and Polish champions, who can evaluate each word and gesture. They are also extremely creative – I have seen myself as one of the members imitated a camel by walking with a pillow on their back!

On Wednesday you may want to visit a standard Toastmasters meeting, such as Toastmasters Leaders. However, their standard is military discipline. They follow the agenda to the second, extremely professional. Their evaluations are very analytical, often delivered by Polish champions. And their get-along meetings are even more advanced – their latest canoeing was during a storm!

Again, you want to see something standard and go to the House of Toastmasters. Their founders are serial binge-watchers and spontaneous to boot! So spontaneous that you may arrive at the meeting and get a role on the spot. The club is also strong in sense of humour – at times speakers need to make long pauses to allow the audience to have a proper laugh.

However, Division A is not just Warsaw. In the east, Toastmasters Białystok managed to organise a nation wide conference with just a few people on their team! They are simply unstoppable. They will engage in any project, analyse it thoroughly and then execute with smiles on their faces.

Toastmasters Lublin are fans of exceptions. They love reverse meetings, meetings with more than one Toastmaster or debate meetings. Even their get-along meetings are not simply for the entertainment purposes, but also contests for the best toast of the evening.

When you think that nothing will surprise, Division A shows that still many things can. Whether you are in Białystok, Lublin or Warsaw, come and see live, how many ideas and approaches those people have!


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  1. Cześć, byłem członkiem poznańskiego klubu toastmaster kilka lat temu, obecnie przebywam w Warszawi. Pracując dla obecnej firmy widzę potrzebę uruchomienia takiej inicjatywy wew. obecnej organizacji. Proszę o kontakt w celu przedyskutować potencjalnych możliwości zarejestrowania nowego klubu TM.

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