Magical Division A Conference in Łódź

It was August or September 2018 when our Area Director informed us that he took a challenge to become a Conference Chair of Division Conference.

A few days later we are in 3 in one of cafe in Lodz to discuss a plan. First meeting minutes are ready and quickly uploaded into Asana. Tasks and Owners are assigned. We can start with something. Therefore we are contacting first stars (keynote speaker and workshop leaders) and making reservation of rooms for the Conference (also for workshops). 

A few weeks later we are meeting in 10 to make a brainstorming for finding the theme of the Conference. The atmosphere is amazing. It brings effects – a plenty of ideas and a plenty of laugh. Finally, a week ago – there is the theme: “ŁódźArts – Magical Conference” inspired by Harry Potter and to honor our city as a place of 4 cultures. There are video series created to attract guests starting from invitations in 10 languages. More and more posts informing about the Conference appear every week. Time goes faster and faster and in March we finally got a support from a friend to start selling tickets! 

In the meantime: city game is developed, the Conference agenda is completed and gala dinner fully defined. All documents with providers are signed. We are closer and closer to the start… 

For last 2 weeks we are stronger than ever before. Some District Officers support us with communication and also whole The Leader Ship Club is fully engaged into this event – till the end of the Conference! 

Results? Maybe we did not break a record of attendance, but I am convinced we broke a record of determination not to give up till the end, but even to double our efforts to achieve the goal – the successful Conference! I am really happy, I could collaborate with such fantastic wizards from Toastmasters. It was a magical experience which I can fully recommend to everyone J

Radosław „Randalf” Dąbrowski 
President of The Leader Ship Club 

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