Leadership Opportunities

Become District 108 Leader

The District Leadership Committee (DLC) hereby officially opens nominations for officers to serve in District 108 - Poland, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in 2019/20.

The selection process is conducted in line with relevant policies and protocols. All details can be found

Please note that this is the last chance to earn district leadership credit towards the ALS award in the traditional educational program!

We will be looking for leaders as follows:

1. Elected during District Council Meetings (DCM) on the 11th of May 2019 in Wrocław (Poland)

• District Director

• Program Quality Director

• Club Growth Director

• Division Directors

2. Appointed:

• Area Directors

• Administration Manager

• Finance Manager

• Public Relations Manager

• Parliamentarian (does not count towards ALS)

• Webmaster (does not count towards ALS)

There is no fixed line of succession nor is there an automatic, guaranteed progression from one office to another. All positions listed above are open for nomination.

The District will provide following mandatory training sessions for its future District Leaders:

1. Sunday, the 12th of May 2019, Wrocław, Poland (after the Annual District Conference)

2. Weekend in June: Bootcamp for the Core Team and Division Directors (place and exact date unknown at this stage)

3. Two-hour online training in June for Area Directors (exact date unknown at this stage)

4. Weekend in September 2019 (place and exact date unknown at this stage)

5. Weekend in February 2020 (place and exact date unknown at this stage)

Check the minimum District Leader Qualifications and responsibilities for the position and ensure these are fulfilled before you submit any forms.

In case you nominate another person, verify that person is willing to accept the nomination.

Deadline: 28th of February 2019

If you have any questions, please reach out to dlc@toastmastersd108.org