How To Organize Online Toastmasters Meetings || D108 Special Webinar

Fellow Toastmaster of District 108 and beoynd!

In the extreme situation that we are facing these days due to the COVID 2019 virus quick spread, many offline Toastmasters meeting are being cancelled or postponed.

That includes regular clubs gatherings as well area and division conferences. In this circumstances in order to ensure our mutual safely, new format of ONLINE MEETINGS is widely introduced all around the world.

To help you organize and hold such events, District 108 has organised a SPECIAL WEBINAR, where we discussed how to plan and conduct online Toastmasters meetings and contests, what tools can we use and how can we benefit from them.

The webinar host is Elena Paweta, D108 Program Quality Director. Elena has invited guests from all over the world – Manoj Vasudevan, Tobias Schlosser, Julie Kertesz, Michelle Alba-Lim, Taeryeon Jung, Matthew Ownby, who shared their experience and answered questions.

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