Hall of Fame



DTM since December 2011

“Through Toastmasters, I’ve gained the confidence I needed for handling any situation. The skill I value most is evaluation – it has benefited me greatly in my career and relationships”.


DTM since August 2014

“Since 2010 the most interesting adventure has been going on in my life. Toastmasters have changed my professional activity making me a passionate mentor, coach and speaker. I am grateful for that and truly love it”!


DTM since April 2015

“Learned a lot, stumbled a lot, I was forced to leave my comfort zone and challenge myself. In good Toastmasters spirit support and help always available. What a great journey; need to do it again”!


DTM since December 2016

“What I value the most at Toastmasters is PEOPLE. I am so lucky to meet absolutely fantastic people, to communicate with them, to learn from them. I can’t even count how many great friends I’ve gained through my Toastmasters journey”.


DTM since April 2017

“The journey towards DTM was an amazing composition of challenges, opportunities, pure work and support from my mentors and evaluators. It became a very important part of my career and life journey. And, of course, it didn’t stop there, since there’s a while sea of learning in Toastmasters, regardless of how advanced you are! I’m taking full advantage of it”!


DTM since June 2017

“During my journey for achieving Distinguished Toastmaster Award, I met amazing people, I learnt a lot about leadership and I had more fun, that I could imagine. Thank you, Toastmasters”!


DTM since July 2017

“It is a great honor for me to be a part of Toastmasters with its unique experiences, great learnings and fantastic people”.


DTM since July 2018

 Tomas is a first DTM in Baltic states. Public speaker trainer, professional coach.

Lives by Gandhi quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.


DTM since August 2018

 Justyna is passionate about creating local communities: TEDx, Linkedin Local. Addicted to travelling all around the world. Enthusiast of lifelong learning formula. After 5 years still in love with Toastmasters because of new challenges, opportunities, fantastic people and a lot of fun.


DTM since November 2018

“Toastmasters and DTM track helped me to create VYK (Voice Your Knowledge) organisation and become the best organiser of Public Speaking events in Lithuania. And we will grow more! 😉

“Go Speak” – Believe in You, Your Team and Just Do It”!


DTM since March 2019

Jakub is an analyst in one of biggest global financial institutions, so he likes to know how things work. He enjoys human interactions and building new friendships. Gets energy when seeing other people grow around him. Likes talks over coffee, fresh breeze during sailing and sounds of nature when running.


DTM since July 2019

“People assume Toastmasters is just about public speaking, yes it is, but it is also much more. Taking full advantage of all the possibilities that Toastmasters has to offer, I have made myself into Zain 2.0. A more confident Zain, a better leader and a better speaker. DTM is just another milestone, a very important one, but the journey of growth still continues, not only for me, but for everyone around me, after all that is what Toastmasters is all about, helping each other grow”.


DTM since July 2019

Once Toastmasters was just a place for me to speak. Today is a place to create new quality in relationships“.


DTM since July 2019

“I remember the day I signed my Toastmaster`s promise (1st Apr 2013). Since then I have improved my confidence (my main goal), leadership skills and public speaking skills. Joining Toastmasters was one of the best decisions of my life”!


DTM since July 2019

“On my way to DTM, I gave tens of speeches and completed several challenging leadership projects. 
My communication skills developed in a signifant way.  All this helped me to increase my self-confidence.
I learned how to motivate a team.
Throughout this period I could count on the support of other people. This is Toastmasters greatest value”.


DTM since August 2019

” My journey with Toastmasters is the longest tip in my life. I don’t see the end.

I see only that I can learn more from others and share my experience with other”.


DTM since September 2019

“It’s like a medal for a way of life where kindness, openness and consequent work has its value. Without Toastmasters my life would look different –that’s for sure. 

Why? It’s more than projects and speeches. It’s all about people and relationships. So thank you all, folks, and see you at the meeting”!


DTM since October 2019

“DTM was my goal since I joined Toastmasters in January 2014. I thought that it was an ultimate goal. But now I know that it won’t be the last DTM in my life.

Thank you all who helped me to fulfill all requirements – especially HPL paperwork 🙂


DTM since October 2019

“I joined Toastmasters to give more than just a technical presentation, but Toastmasters gave me much more.
I discovered the versatility of oral and written communication, I understood the importance and impact of leadership, I met inspiring people. The journey still goes on and what a journey!
Thank you, Toastmasters”!


DTM since July 2015

 “I like being TM because I meet people different from myself, with different view points.

It’s a good place to make interesting friends. Receiving DTM was a worthwhile accomplishment”.     


DTM since October 2019

    “What does DTM mean for me?

    This is one of the major parts of my journey with friends, educational program and the whole Toastmasters community. Lots of friends who I met , dozens of amazing and interesting people and a huge portion both of knowledge and fun.

    And the most important thing that this is NOT the END. This is just a START to new challenges”!


DTM since July 2019

“Toastmasters is about people who help each other to grow.

I joined it to become a better leader but in the process I also learnt public speaking and developed organising skills, improved communication, made friends and found new hobbies.

All this makes Toastmasters a great way to invest one’s time”!


DTM since December 2019

“I discovered Toastmasters in 2014. Since then I am still thrilled! Perfect educational program, ambitious projects, new challenges and fantastic people, who want to do more, more and more. For me this is an environment, where I can make a quantum leap to become a better manager, a friend, a mother. Become a better person, do more! Become a Toastmaster. Distinguished Toastmaster.

If you do something and you give it a 100%, then getting DTM is just a matter of time. And, of course, you have to like awards, like I do” 🙂 


DTM since May 2014

“I joined Toastmasters as an IT student and I never suspected it will open doors to so much adventures and wonderful people who like to do, not just talk.

Thanks to Toastmasters I became a president and organized international conferences in my early 20s. I traveled around Europe, met exquisite friends and also later my wife” 🙂