Get to know-Małgorzata Trojanowska-Administration Manager

What made you decide to become an Administration Manager?

When I was an Area Director and it was time to apply for roles for the next year, I knew, that I wanted to be be in the District Core Team and yet I still needed to learn some more before running for any role in the District Trio so Administration Manager was the best choice for me. At this time I also knew that  this role will provide me with the opportunity to work closely for a whole year with people who are great leaders like our District Trio. I also had some personal reasons because I am currently developing my own business and needed to work on my organizational skills. Thanks to being the Administration Manager I can get the real life experience and not just the theory.

What is your vision for the upcoming year for you in your new role?

My vision is to give all members equal access to information about our District. When you are a Club member, very often you don’t even know that clubs are parts of areas, divisions and districts. Therefore you don’t know about all the speaking and leadership opportunities that wait for you when you join the District Core Team. By sharing the decisions and events that happen in our District I will give all our members the opportunity to really feel like part of something bigger. When we don’t know what happens beyond our Club, we can’t fully experience Toastmasters and that’s my vision for this year.

What kind of challenges were you able to identify so far related to your role?

Ironically problems with communication. When working on a district level we work on a much larger scale than in the clubs that’s why communicating things becomes very challenging. Here we need to use a whole network of people that will help us reach certain people to share information, because I am not able to get to everyone personally or even via email.

What’s in it for you?

Most of the things that I learn as an Administration Manager I can later use in my professional career which is the biggest value for me at this moment of my life.

I am learning how to operate many different online tools like Mailchimp, Zoom, Excel, Canva which I later on use to help my clients grow. Observing how people react to different types of communication is also something very vital whenever you look for clients. By sending out emails to many Club and District Officers, I see what attracts people’s attention and how to keep it. Being an Administration Manager allows me to work with people that I consider my mentors and learning from them, watching them, talking to them, experiencing their process of solving problems is extremely valuable and inspirational. My role as an Administration Manager is also a great opportunity to gain potential customers and networking, you meet many people, you get to talk to them about your business, you get to show them your skills by doing your job, so when they need someone of your profession, you are the first person they might think of.

How do you think this role will impact your professional career/ personal goals?

It already did, I learned how to do many things for this 3 months that I have already started using in developing my business. After completing this term, I will have experience in organising huge events for many people, creating captivating newsletters, running business meetings, writing notes, planning email campaigns, creating presentations and workshops – these are all the things that I need in my professional life.

What are your passions aside from Toastmasters?

My biggest passions are baking and cooking. I also love running and learning languages. I am a huge fan of Garfield and Avengers comic books.

What drives you to be part of Toastmasters?

There are two things. First one is the possibility of development and doing things we could never do in real life on such a big scale just by volunteering, you don’t need to have any experience or special education, you simply need to have the courage to try and eagerness to learn. The second one is that I love being on the stage, in the spotlight, this the one moment when all the people in the audience listen to you and you get to voice your opinion. Toastmasters gives people the skills and confidence to speak their minds and share their thoughts.

What piece of advice would you give someone who would aspire to take on this role in the future?

Remember that what is obvious for you might not be obvious for others and never ever assume anything. Accept that we all learn as we go and whatever you do give your best.

What are your plans for the next years?

Becoming a District Director in a couple years and continuing to grow our District and give the best learning opportunities to our members.



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