Get to know-Jakub Bronowicki-District Finance Manager

What made you decide to become a Finance Manager?

My Toastmasters Leadership Journey started within the Club. Then, I was nominated Area Director and next year elected Division Director. Joining the Core Team was a natural step on this path. Over the years, I bonded with the Team and participated in shaping the new District 108.  

What is your vision for the upcoming year for you in your new role?

My vision is to end this term with the same smile which I started 😀

What kind of challenges were you able to identify so far related to your role?

 Understanding detailed Toastmasters Policies regarding finances was the first challenge on my path. Once I went through it, I had to polish my communication skills to transfer this knowledge to the rest of the team.

What’s in it for you?

It is next step on the Leadership Path and understanding how Toastmasters International works. I am an analyst and love to know the details, especially if want to do my duties well.

How do you think this role will impact your professional career/ personal goals?

Communication is an essential skill nowadays. This role gives me an opportunity to work on it from a different angle than just speeches at the Club. I strongly believe that, being part of the Toastmasters Family, boosted my career.

I am still working on the personal communication though.

What are your passions aside from Toastmasters?

I love to sail. Being on the water gives me that calm feeling and helps to clear my mind. I also enjoy playing board games.

What drives you to be part of Toastmasters?

Definitely people and relations, which are born with them. Seeing them grow and gaining self-confidence brings joy to my heart.

What piece of advice would you give someone who would aspire to take on this role in the future?

Do not hesitate, take a deep breath and go for it! The more challenging, the more you can learn!

What are your plans for the next years? 

I am aiming to finish DTM this Toastmaster year and start a new one with Pathways (already enrolled for Leadership Development and Motivational Strategies)

Apart from continuing the Toastmasters adventure, I will finish decorating my new flat and enjoy the life with my family. Without them, the only life we have, wouldn’t make sense.


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