Gamification in Toastmasters

Every month the most hardworking Club member has the opportunity to win the contestfor the TOASTMASTER OF THE MONTH at the Toastmasters Club in Olsztyn. The winner is awarded with an amazing book. The contestwas invented a few years ago, shortly after the Club was set up, to encourage participants’ regular meetings. The inspiration for it was gamification –  a marketing trend. Gamification is based on well-known mechanisms used in board games, computer games in order to change people’s behaviour in non-gaming situations and to increase their engagement.

Simple rules make the contesteasy and understandable. The players’ progress in competing for the championship is verified by a scoreboard, which is regularly sent to all the club members and is an indispensable element of the contest. We obtain points for signing up for speeches, functions and presence at the meeting. We get extra points for signing up for the meeting in the Easyspeak agenda one week in advance. Toastmasters can also earn points during special events organised at the Club and during Speech Contests.

Vision, planning and strategy are essential tools in order to act, achieve the goal and win. Reinforcing the loyalty of our members is an additional advantage of the contest.

The contest is a lot of fun. The reward, the victory and the recognition are great motivation.

Points system  
3 Sign up for functions in Easyspeak a week in advance (until Wednesday 23:59)
1 Sign up for functions 3 days in advance (until Sunday 23:59)
3 Speech
3 Toastmaster
2 General Evaluator
1 Other functions: Speech Evaluator, Table Topic Master, Timekeeper, Ah-Counter, Grammarian
1 Winning a contest: Table Topic, Best Speaker, Best Evaluator
1 Presence at meetings
Additional points  
3 Leading a Contest / Special Event (like Toastmaster)
3 Speech Contest Organiser/ Special Event Organiser
2 The main judge at a contest
1 Functionaries at meetings
3 Winning a regional contest – 1st place in a particular category
2 Winning the competition (club stage) – 1st place in a particular category
1 Participation in a particular category of the Speech Contest
1 Presence at an event


Author: Magdalena Kozioł, Toastmasters Olsztyn

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