Exhausted, but happy

“I am exhausted, but very happy!”

With these words our District Director closed the DECM in Tallinn. DECM stands for District Executive Committee Meeting (business meeting), accompanied by the District Officers Training (DOT). During the business meeting we discussed important issues for the whole District (84 clubs in 5 countries build our District: Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland), we discussed our strategy and goals, took decisions about budget, recognition, conferences, contests, education, membership etc.. In addition to that – during 2 days of leadership workshops and trainings we could also learn and practise team building, setting strategies and action plans.

Work, learn and have fun

It works like in any other company. There is a director and his whole team responsible for every aspect in the organization. The team is like a board for the company. You might think: “Ok. But you do it for free. The whole work, efforts to get to Tallinn, to do all the tasks and steps. And you get only satisfaction?” No. It is much more than that. This is not for free. What we gain here is the leadership experience gained in real situations, we become leaders who want to achieve excellence. Because everything we do, is based on motivation, finding advantages and challenges for us and people on our teams, which we cannot reinforce with money. So it is even harder to make people follow you just because they want to. We need to have a common goal, and relationship. We need to listen to each other and give feedback. Only then will it be more powerful. It is not an authority but pure leadership. And I want to be a good, powerful leader. That’s why I came to Tallinn. In the company where I work I didn’t have such possibility so far and I also haven’t tried that path. However, with experience I gained in Tallinn, I also received the needed knowledge and wisdom and extended my professional horizon. It gave me also the experience needed to lead my own business, which I also plan to do one day. Here you can learn it, experiment and also make mistakes, that’s how we learn and grow. And first of all, it is about self-confidence, which for me is the foundation for everything else in personal and professional life.
We learn here how to build a team, create bonds with people. Motivate them, achieve goals, plan the strategy, mentor and coach each other, also delegate. And during such events like DECM we become even stronger, even smarter and closer to each other. We take part in important decisions, we shape the future.

We also don’t forget about having fun. Fun comes from travelling, visiting new cities, after parties, meeting new Toastmasters and exchanging experiences, learning from others and learning with them. During this event I also had a chance to provide a workshop so it also builds and strengthens our carrier and experiences as a trainer or presenter. Doesn’t it sound good?

Added value

But the most valuable happens often in the lobby. Then you have time to get to know your team members better. To talk with different people about professional life, about entrepreneurship and good practises or particular solution to a problem. Every one of us does something different, but we might have similar challenges – not only in clubs but also in the companies we work for. If we collaborate, communicate, support each other we can achieve a lot. Because we are strong together.

Author: Marta Geszkiewicz, Divison C Director 2018-2019

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