Effect Toastmasters

Effect Toastmasters

“Effect on a scale of our abilities[1]

6 months of preparations.

15 people in core team.

30 in the crew.

1 goal.

To create the conference for Toastmasters from Poland and all friends who would join, be proud of and not get rid of Toastmasters from our lives when we finish organizing it. 

I will not postpone the answer, we did it. 

All started on Friday evening. World Championship of Table Topics and humorous speeches in English. More than 300 people decided to be there and observe the participants. What is more, for the first time, we had also live transmission of Facebook! Probably it was the biggest public on this type of contests in their history. By far. In previous years around 150 people came, we had room for 250 and it was still not enough. It was great to have so fantastic public!

However, that was just an appetizer. The work started at 7am the next day to be sure that everything will be ready for guests. And guess what? At night before the conference I received a message from our Key Note Speaker that he would not be able to be at the conference due to illness. What a shame, what a dame shame! But he send a knight on white, or rather colleague from the team PhD Anna Baczyńska to rescue us from trouble. Many people were attractive by “Bounded Leadership” theory. Thankfully, that was the biggest unexpected obstacle during the conference.

The conference had wonderful atmosphere. Many small things were creating it but for me, one moment will stay in my mind. I remember when we already finished the day. The water needed to be stocked in one of aula. More than 10 participants join the line and we started to throw packages of water from hand to hand! In one minute we stocked more than 200 hundred bottles! We even didn’t ask for it. For me it show how amazing people join this organization. Thanks from my heart for all who helped then! 

All in all, it was huge event. There were about 250 participants at the conference. They consumed dozens kilograms of fruits, toasts and cookies. New friendship appeared, new ideas come. In a few months we should now how many new babies were created. For me, it is a reason to be proud. I am very grateful for my team, which was simply amazing. 

In the end, dear Toastmasters. When you will be at your next conference, remember one thing. It took a lot of effort to create the conference. All of this people do it in their free time. Do their best. Say them some good words for it. It matter a lot. 

And join the next Toastmasters Conference!
Rafał Staszek vel Staszewski
Chairman of organizing committee 

[1]It’s a paraphrase from a famous polish movie called “Miś’

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