DLC Report

District Leadership Committee nominates following Toastmasters for Elected Roles:

District Director

Dovile Kurpyte

HOME CLUB #5225847

Confident Voices Vilnius 

Program Quality Director

Monika Szlachta

HOME CLUB #3157539

Pionier Rzeszow Toastmasters

Club Growth Director

Kamil Chmiel

HOME CLUB #7775879

Klub Zaawansowany Toastmasters Wrocław

Club Growth Director

Marcin Grzeszczyk

HOME CLUB #3314827

Toastmasters Olsztyn

Division Director

Piotr Rudzki

HOME CLUB #906542

Top Careers Toastmasters

Division Director

Everiin Silas


Toastmasters Tallinn

Division Director

Robert Choinski

HOME CLUB #1171916

WrocLove Toastmasters PL

Division Director

Łukasz Chomicz

HOME CLUB #3738001

Toastmasters Na Szczycie

Division Director

Ilona Zylinska

HOME CLUB #1600547

Tricity Toastmasters

Final assignment of Division Directors to Divisions  is pending the District Alignment Committee report.