LET’S C EACH OTHER! – Division C Conference in Olsztyn, Autumn 2019

The first round of traditional Autumn Division Conferences in District 108 started in October 2019.

And a very special one of Division C took place on a bright Saturday, October 26th in a beautiful town of Olzstyn, Poland, uniting Toastmasters from different georgraphical parts of the country under an amazing theme – LET’S C EACH OTHER!

Our D108 PR assistant in Divison C – Piotr Pabis – attended this event and had a personal glance on what was going on there at this weekend 😉


From my perspective this event provided a wide range of emotions – mostly positive. It was an amazing experience having chance to meet people from across the division and even guests from farther clubs. Great thing was that Toastmasters from Olsztyn took care of  guest arriving early or leaving later – after and before several parties were organized so that nobody had to worry on being left out.

I would also say the place selected for the contest was brilliant. Despite the room was small, it was really cozy and it also had a designated scene which was truly helpful for the speakers. The audio system worked like charm! 😉

The sergeants and others helping in collection of voting cards or preparing the speakers with microphones did a flawless job.

Przemek Kutnyj provided us with a humorous lecture titled “The art of falling on the scene” where he dissected jokes into their elementary parts.

And of course the speakers of the Humorous and Table Topics Contests demonstrated very high level of their skills and were greatly prepared.



  1. Maja Markowska
  2. Marta Lewenda
  3. Andrzej Wypasek


  1. Andrzej Wypasek
  2. Agnieszka Ciesielska
  3. Joanna Rymko


  1. Joanna Rymko
  2. Marta Lewenda
  3. Wiktor Guryn


  1. Karol Mątewski
  2. Marta Korsak
  3. Dominika Wysocka

One thing to mention separately – the Table Topics contest in Polish was repeated. Despite that fact the second try went excellent and the speakers didn’t seem like being stressed because of the situation.

I also asked some participants of the conference how they felt about the organization. The priorities were picked properly – less workshops than usual, more focus on the contests.

However there is always a small room for improvement so that Conference guests feel just perfect! Probably next time it would be great if the organizers will keep the agenda’s schedule in the designed pace (not speeding it up) and bring some more water.

Toastmasters ARE ALWAYS THIRSTY for new experiences! 😉

All in all, from experience and stories, I know that on every contest there are some mistakes which cause stress and confusion. Despite that, Division C Autumn Conference – LET’S C EACH OTHER – proved its name.

It was well prepared and was one of the best of its kind!

Your District 108 Public Relations Assistant, Division C

Piotr Pabis

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