Division B Spring Online Contest 2020

The quarantine may stop the life outside but nothing stops Toastmasters!

Despite many struggles that had arisen, the Divison B Spring Conference was successfully moved online and took place on 25th of April.

The contest started with the welcome words by the amazing Contest Toastmaster and Divison B Director Dovile Kurpyte

Afterwards, the contestants and roletakers were briefed and other attendees were having a nice chat with our Hospitality Chair Giedre Grizaite.


We had many constructive and positive evaluations during the EVALUATION CONTEST.

All the contestants were showing their exemplary skills that I would love to follow. The contest winners turned out to be:

  1. Davis Golds
  2. Rasmus Bjergegaard
  3. Anastasiia Semykin

Winners of the first and second place plans will continue their evaluation journey for the District 108 Online Conference in May.

Between the contests, International Director for Region 10 – Tuire Vuolasvirta conducted a workshop which helped us to set our thoughts and learn how to prepare an effective keynote speech. A great chance for the contestants to take a breath and for the attendees to learn new methods of preparation.

The speeches that were delivered during the INTERNATIONAL SPEECH CONTEST brought various feelings: some were emotional, some inspiring and some informational. Everyone could find something to learn from each of the speakers. And our division winners are:

  1. Anastasiia Semykin
  2. Farusil Najeeb Mullaveettil
  3. Rasmus Bjergegaard

Winners of the first and second place will represent our Division B at the most important contest of the year on a DISTRICT level this May.

I would like to thank all the participants, role takers and attendees of the contests! Eeveryone who helped us to make it happen! I really hope that all of you found something to learn, something inspiring, and something to share. We all managed to adapt to the unexpected situation of quarantine and still made this important event happen.

And this makes us true Toastmasters, true Speakers and true Leaders! Cheers to that!


Lukas Barasnevičius, Area B1 Director, District 108