Division A Spring Online Contest 2020

The time of networking.

The time of virus

The time for THE CONTESTS!

18th of April it was the time for Division A contests in Evaluation and Speech Contest in Polish and English.

At 10am, Warsaw time, April Saturday more then 100 people appeared on Zoom to act as speakers, judges or just silent spectators to enjoy our Division A contests!

The contests started with English Evaluation and International Speech contests. Thanks to our Chief Judge – #ThankYouZain! – all the judges were outside of the district!

Maybe you heard that in Toastmasters everything needs to catch delay (joking ))? But not this time! Thanks to our amazing Contest Masters – Iwona Abramowicz and Adrian Panafianowicz – everything went according to the agenda. Kudos for you!

The contests results are as follows:


  1. Michael Gerlach
  2. Gabriela Cichocka
  3. Daria Stasiak


  1. Przemysław Kutnyj
  2. Magdalena Olechnowicz
  3. Ahmed Hassan

During the break we were experiencing some exercises to warm up before the Polish part. For some people that was their first physical activity during their lockdown! Luckily there was no need for medical assistance ))

Polish contests were supervised by the Chief Judge Magda Tomaszewska. Amazingly, this time we also didn’t experience any turbulence.


  1. Małgorzata Zaradkiewicz
  2. Jerzy Lewandowski
  3. Daria Stasiak


  1. Daria Stasiak
  2. Małgorzata Zaradkiewicz
  3. Aleksandra Jacukowicz

After the contests we had some wonderful after-party. No matter what, in Toastmasters there always need to be some room for FUN!

I would like to congratulate and recognize all memebers of my  team: Muhammad Zain, Iwona Abramowicz, Adrian Panafianowicz, Magda Tomaszewska and Tomasz Moskała (who was an amazing Zoom Master), for their help and support with this event. You managed to conduct this online contest super smooth and made it as a shiny diamond!


Rafał Staszek vel Staszewski, Division A Director, District 108

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