Division A Conference-Kuźnia Humoru

How can you spend 2 days off? Maybe at a SPA or watching movies?

The weekend of the 20th-21stof October we spent at the Conference Kuźnia Humoru! These were two days of knowledge, inspirations and of course great atmosphere.

On the first day of the Conference,  there was a special session about Life after Toastmasters -Is it possible? We had an opportunity to see what the Toastmasters experience can give in private life and that the changes are really good and everyone should be open for them.

We had to learn how to create a fairy tale and use it in our presentation. The jitters does not have any secrets for us, because we know that this is natural, but after this presentation we know how to handle it.

Saturday finished the party – dancing and singing popular songs.

On Sunday, we started with the Happiness Training, which gave us huge energy for the rest of the day. “Project management and mistakes” was the theme of next session, which showed how we can avoid mistakes and not be scared of defeats.

The last session was the humorous part. Bzz bzz… czyli jak rozbawić całą salę, nie będąc mistrzem humoru and Humor w kabarecie gave us new tips and perspective on what humorous speeches are and how to create them.

Conferences are also always a chance to compete in contests for participants and provide entertainment for the audience. We had nearly 20 speakers in four categories: speeches in Polish and English and Table Topics in Polish and in English. The majority of participants came from Warsaw and Łódź.

The first place in The Humorous Speeches Contest in Polish was won by Tomasz Wojewoda. The  first place in the Humorous Speeches in English was taken by Iurii Slyva. Table Topics in Polish were won by Beata Miliszkiewicz-Sakowska, who also won the same contest in English.

It is good to know that besides the main role of humour, the winning speeches were built on solid structure, which made the content sound great and convincing. The winners and those who got the second places will participate in the next level of the Contest. What does it mean? The next stage in Polish will take place at Efekt Toastmasters in Warsaw on February, the next level in English will take place at District 108 Conference in Wrocław next May.

After the Conference, we are sure that, not only the contests will be a fantastic opportunity to develop ourselves and to watch Toastmasters in action, but also the content delivered by the special speakers and guests will by very rich.


Milena Dzialuk (VPE of TOP CAREERS TM Club),  Przemysław Kutnyj (Area Director)

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