Division C Spring Online Contest 2020

9th of May we flowed with the virtual River of Words. The best speakers and the best evaluators from the Division C competed in contests in polish and english.

Originally, the competition was planned to take place in Bydgoszcz, a city in northern Poland with a beautiful waterfront along the Brda river. Coronavirus, like all over the world, has thwarted our plans too. But it didn’t cross them out. A brave team from Toastmasters Speakers’ Zone supported by members from others club from Division C prepared the space for the online event.

What did we need to make this contest successful?

Great people from Toruń, Bdgoszcz, Poznań, Olsztyn and Gdańsk! A helping hand came also from others Divisions. Thank You Warszawa, Łódź and Wrocław ))

Amazing Contest Masters – Alex Khaddour and Bartosz Gorczyński – with composure and lot of humour led the audience smoothly through the competition meanders.

The contests started with ENGLISH EVALUATION and INTERNATIONAL SPEECH CONTESTS which were supervised by the Chief Judge Alicja Palińska. Polish contests were eye-kept by the Chief Judge Marta Geszkiewicz. 

Technical support and keeping order during the competition was provided by Marciń Waśko and Kamila Maciejewska. Time was bravely measured by Robert Więczkowski and Magdalena Gęba. Justyna Sobieska-Mroczkowska and Marcin Grzeszczyk did a great job with collecting and counting the ballots online .

The contests results are as follows:

International Speech Contest

  1. Marta Lewenda
  2. Tomasz Kubiak
  3. Katarzyna Muzyczyszyn

Audience Award: Katarzyna Muzyczyszyn

Evaluation Contest in English

  1. Adam Dochtorowicz
  2. Tomasz Kubiak
  3. Marta Korsak

Audience Award: Marta Korsak

Speech Contest in Polish

  1. Artur Kaczmarek
  2. Marta Lewenda
  3. Arkadiusz Naruk

Audience Award: Arkadiusz Naruk

Evaluation Contest in Polish

  1. Mateusz Ostaszewski
  2. Tomasz Kubiak
  3. Jakub Wiśniewski

Audience Award: Jakub Wiśniewski

HUGE THANKS to each and everyone who helped us and contributed to organizing and holding this wonderful event!

Let’s see our champions soon at the Speech Contest Finals of the upcoming Annual D108 Online Conference in May 23-24!


Alicja Palinska, Divison C Director, District 108

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