District News #5

Dear Fellow Toastmasters!
The spring has come and with the spring there comes new energy and new opportunities. Have you thought to step up as a club leader? Or maybe you have always wanted to help organize a conference? Or to mentor a new member? In Toastmasters there’s always a good time to start something new so that you can grow as a speaker and as a leader and use the skills in real life. I would like to wish you a wonderful time, with more daylight time and more sun every day. Enjoy your Toastmasters experience, share with friends and invite them to the meeting! Who knows, maybe you will be the one to bring the future World Champion of Public Speaking to our organization!
Happy Toastmastering!
In this issue you will find
Membership renewals in MarchHow can my club win the “Talk Up Toastmasters” award?Club Officers Training Round 2What are the upcoming events in our District?
Spring renewal period is about to end. Make sure your club submits at least 8 membership dues payments by March 31, 2019. By doing that:Your club will maintain access to Pathways for its membersYour club members will be eligible to take part in speech contestsYour club will be able to participate in DCP program
To win the Talk Up Toastmasters Award, and to pin this ribbon to your club banner, you should add 5 new, dual or reinstated members to your club from February 1 to March 31.
The club with the biggest membership growth will win $100 credit for TMI shop or club marketing expenses.
How to grow membership in your club? Here are hundreds of ideas how to do it!

So far, the following clubs have already earned the award:
Poland’s First Toastmasters
Speakers of Lodz
Top Careers Toastmasters
Speaking Elephants
Royal Best Speakers
Toastmasters Leaders
ASBIRO Toastmasters
Toastmasters Tallin
Toastmasters Poznan
POZnaj Toastmasters
Toastmasters Sokrates Torun
Bydgoszcz Toastmasters Professionals
Toastmasters Speaker’s Zone
Toastmasters Gdynia
WrocLove Speakers
IT Speakers
Nokia Wroclaw Toastmasters
Pionier Rzeszów Toastmasters
Inspire Rzeszów Toastmasters
The game is still on! 😉 
Who will be the winner?

CLUB OFFICERS TRAINING ROUND 2One of our goals as Toastmasters is to learn continuously something new. Officers’ training event is one opportunity where we can either train our peers or be trained.During second round, 72 clubs in District 108 had 4 or more club officers trained. Among those, we had 7 areas with minimum 4 officers trained from every single club! Congratulations to Area Directors:- Federico Navarrete -A1- Rafał Staszek Vel Staszewski – A5- Dovilė Kurpytė – B1- Alicja Palińska -C5- Muhammad Zain Ul Abidin – D2 with trained officers not only from the initial 7 clubs, but also from the 2 new chartered under his lead- Roman Stekla -D1 – with 7 officers trained from each club- Monika Szlachta – D5.
DISTRICT CONFERENCEThe District Conference is approaching with high speed! On 10 – 12th of May, the winners of 4 division contests will compete for the title of District champion! Competitions, elections, awards, surprises, parties, join to be part of the first conference if District 108!Special guests: 2017 World champion of public speaking Manoj Vasudevan; public speaking coach and trainer Lerio Cunha; information logistics Ryszard Kosowicz; PR manager Przemyslaw Kutnyj and many other will delight the public with inspiring workshops focused on passing skills and knowledge.Registration is open for only 49 euro! Did you buy your ticket? See you soon!
Thanks for staying with us!

District 108 Team

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