District News #4

In this issue you will find
Division A Conference – 13-14 April, Lodz
Division B Conference – 27-28 April, Helsinki
Division C Conference – 6-7 April, Trojmiasto
Division D Conference – 30-31 March, Szczyrk
District 108 Annual Conference – 10-12 May, Wroclaw

Talk Up Toastmasters Award

To win the Talk Up Toastmasters Award and to pin this ribbon to your Club banner, you should add 5 new, dual or reinstated members to your Club from February 1st to March 31st. 
The Club with the biggest membership growth will win $100 credit for TMI shop or marketing expenses. How to grow membership in your Club? 
How to grow membership in your Club? Here are hundreds of ideas how to do it!

The game is on! 🙂
Who will be the winner?

February Membership Renewals

It is membership renewals season! Do not forget to renew at least 8 members by the end of February in order to be a Club in good standing and earn a DCP point. 

Only representatives from Clubs in good standing can take part in speech contests at Area and Division levels.

Strategies for Clubs to grow membership

Are you struggling with low membership in your club?

Do you want to increase the number of new members and make your meetings more lively?

This month we start bi-monthly club coaching calls with Roy Couglan. Roy is a club coach, club president, an entrepreneur with huge experience in marketing and PR. 

The calls will be held on February 12th and 26th and are open to everyone interested in club growth.

Click here if you want to join the first meeting 🙂

Second round of Club Officers Training

Did your club officers attend Club Officer Training?

If not, contact your area director and find out a new training date! The training can be done between December 1st and before February 28th.This is one more opportunity for you to learn something new about quality clubs, teamwork, member experience and much more…
Are you one of the trainer for the second round? Click here to find important guide lines about training curricula.
Your club will receive points for running in the Distinguished Club Program, only if minimum 4 officers will be trained and the training reported until May 31st.

The beginning of the Club Spring Contests

International Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest are the highlights of this spring! Encourage club members to tests their skills and support them to represent your club in
Denver, Colorado during 2019 International Speech Contest! It is time for Europe to win this championship! It is time for you to be the champion!

District Leadership Opportunities

Are you searching for new challenges beyond the club? Official nominations for officers to serve in District 108 – Poland, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in 2019/20 are opened.
Please note that this is the last chance to earn district leadership credit towards the ALS award in the traditional educational program!
To apply – fill in this form!

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District 108 Team

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