District News #3

  • What are the upcoming events in our District?
  • Winners of the Smedley Award
  • Why should my club have more than 30 members?
  • What is the Club Ambassador Program?
  • How to win D108 Video Contest?
  • Valuable resources


  • Webinar on Building Toastmasters Corporate Club Program with Elizabeth Nostedt, DTM, Region 10 Advisor – 7 November
  • Visit of International President Elect Deepak Menon – 13-15 November, Helsinki
  • Division B Conference – 8-9 December, Riga
  • Division C Conference – 27 October, Pila
  • Division D Conference – 17-18 November, Krakow


You did a great job with increasing club membership in August and September! We have 20 champions who managed to receive a Smedley Award for 5+ membership increase in their clubs.

Here comes the winners:

Krakow Public Speaking Club +9 members
Top Careers Toastmasters +8 members
Vistula Toastmasters Leaders +8 members
ASBIRO Toastmasters +7 members
Pionier Rzeszów Toastmasters +7 members
ThermoMasters Vilnius +7 members
Silesia Toastmasters +7 members
Toastmasters na Szczycie +6 members
POZnaj Toastmasters +6 members
Speaking Elephants +6 members
Toastmasters Business Club +6 members
WrocLove Speakers +6 members
Confident Voices Vilnius +5 members
Lodz Toastmasters  +5 members
Toastmasters Białystok +5 members
Toastmasters Leaders +5 members
Toastmasters Business Leaders +5 members
WrocLove Toastmasters PL +5 members
Krakow Public Speaking Club +5 members
Toastmasters Kraków +5 members

The winner of the special D108 award ($100 reimbursement for marketing expenses or Toastmasters store) is Krakow Public Speaking Club. Congratulations!

Next membership building contest “Talk Up Toastmasters” will take place in February and March. Stay tuned for more information 🙂


Past International President Balraj Arunasalam says that the key to having a successful distinguished club is maintaining its membership at the level of minimum 30 members.
Why 30? On average 60% of our club members attend meetings regularly. In order to have an energetic meeting which can give value to all members, club needs at least 18 members attending. Therefore, having 30 members is essential for planning the meetings easily and giving real value to club members.
Clubs which increase membership to 30+ till will be recognized at District 108 conference in May and receive valuable awards.
How to grow membership in your club? HERE are hundreds of ideas how to do it. Contact your Area Director for more ideas on how to increase membership base in your club!

Opportunity does not knock on your door, you need to go out there, visit a club and search for it! 

By reporting visits of 5 clubs, you will become an Emerald Club Ambassador, by reporting visits of 10 clubs you’ll become Sapphire Club Ambassador, by reporting visits of 15 clubs you’ll become a Ruby Club Ambassador! 

That is not all, if you will report the highest number of visits, during the District conference you may be elected the District Club Ambassador of the Year and receive surprise prize!  
The only restriction is that visiting another club, cannot be part of your role as a Toastmaster officer.
These are the club ambassadors of District 108, if you are not among them, it is time to become one!

Elena Pawęta – visited Istanbul Toastmasters.

Paulina Zamelek – visited Asbiro Toastmasters and Toastmasters Leaders.

Marta Lewenda – visited KontestMasters twice!

Hanna Wiczanowska – visited Poznaj Toastmasters twice, Toastmasters Business Club in Poznan, Torun Toastmasters, Toastmasters Sokrates Torun, Toastmasters Sokrates Torun! Hanna is now the First Emerald Club Ambassador of District 108!

Artur Markiewicz – visited Toastmasters Business Club,  Silesia Toastmasters and KontestMasters.

Wojciech Wrociński – visited Toastmasters Business Club.

Marcin Grzeszczyk – visited Biznes Toastmasters Wroclove.

Marlena Derda – visited Klub Zaawansowanych Mówców Roastmasters w Bydgoszczy.

Yash Chawla – visited 1st Million Toastmasters, Biznes Toastmasters and Toastmasters українською Вроцлав (Ukrainian Prospective Speaking Club in Wroclaw).

Ricardas Pocius – visited First Toastmasters of Lithuania twice and ThermoMasters Vilnius.

Federico Navarete visited Witty Storytellers Online.

Monika Szlachta visited Toastmasters Leaders, Inspire Rzeszów Toastmasters and Toastmasters Centrum.

Very soon we will all hear their ambassadors’ stories…


To win the Public Relations Contest all you need to do:

1. Record a video <up to 60 seconds> answering the question: “What does Toastmasters and public speaking mean to you?”
2. Post it on our Facebook event
3. Fill in this form


Webinar – Mentoring by Philip Bendeich (link)
Webinar – How to get over 20 members by Elizabeth Nostedt (link)
Webinar – How to organise a demo meeting by Adam Pioch in Polish (link)
Webinar – Mysteries of District Leadership by Piotr Chimko (link)
Webinar – How to organise a contest for judges by Piotr Chimko & Kacper Bilozor in Polish (link)

Thanks for staying with us!

District 108 Team

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