District News #2

In this issue you will find

  • Our latest achievements
  • Upcoming events
  • Last days of Smedley Award… you can still get it!
  • Membership renewals in September
  • Contest season – clubs, areas, divisions and district

Our latest achievements

100% Proxies assigned, only 2 districts in the world were so well represented at International Convention.
100% District Officers trained during Athens Conference, Warsaw Bootcamp, Tallinn DECM and online.
93% Club Officers trained. Congratulations to Division A lead by Agata Banach and Division C lead by Marta Geszkiewicz for achieving 100% trained officers goal in all their areas.


  • DCM – 23rd September, online
  • Division A Conference, 20-21st October, Warsaw
  • Division B Conference, 8-9th December, Riga
  • Division C Conference, 13th October, Piła
  • Division D Conference, 17-18th November, Kraków


Last days of Smedley award.. you can still get it!

To win the Smedley Award and to pin the ribbon to your Club banner, you should add 5 new, dual or reinstated members to your Club between August 1st and September 30th.
The Club with the biggest membership growth will win 100$ credit for TMI shop or Club marketing expenses.
How to do it you may ask? Below you will find hundreds of ideas how to attract people to your Club!

So far the following Clubs have already earned the award:

Top Careers Toastmasters +8 members
Vistula Toastmasters Leaders +7 members
Pionier Rzeszów Toastmasters +7 members
Toastmasters na Szczycie +6 members
Silesia Toastmasters +6 members
POZnaj Toastmasters +6 members
Lodz Toastmasters  +5 members
Toastmasters Białystok +5 members
Toastmasters Leaders +5 members
ASBIRO Toastmasters +5 members
WrocLove Toastmasters PL +5 members
WrocLove Speakers +5 members
Krakow Public Speaking Club +5 members
Toastmasters Kraków +5 members

The game is still on! 😉
Who will be the winner?

Membership renewals 

It is membership renewals season! Do not forget to renew at least 8 members by the end of September in order to be a Club in good standing and earn a DCP point.
Only representatives from Clubs in good standing can participate in speech contests at Area and Division levels.

Contest season – clubs, areas, divisions and district

During this Toastmaster year 2018-2019, we are continuing to organise 4 contests: Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest in the fall and Evaluation and International Speech Contest in the spring. Two winners from each Division will compete during District 108 Spring Conference, 17th-19th May 2019 in Wrocław for all four contests.

The dates for upcoming Area contests are:

Area Division A Division B Division C Division D
1 29.09.2018 10.11.2018 15.09.2018 20.10.2018
2 29.09.2018 17.11.2108 15.09.2018 27.10.2018
3 06.10.2018 17.11.2018 29.09.2018 27.10.2018
4 06.10.2018 10.11.2018 29.09.2018 27.10.2018
5 23.09.2018 29.09.2018 27.10.2018

We are encouraging every Contest Chair and participant to review the new Speech Contest Rulebook because it contains many changes and let the best speaker represent us in Denver, August 2019!

Thanks for staying with us!

District 108 Team

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