District News #1

Our journey has just started. In order to keep you updated every once in a while we will share with you our District 108 newsletter with all the most important information on how to make your Club successful and happy.

In this issue you will find

  • What are the upcoming events in our District?
  • 3 reasons why Club Officers Training is important
  • How can my Club win Smedley Award?
  • Club Ambassador Program – club visits with a purpose
  • How can I assign my Club’s proxy for the International Convention?
  • Where to look for news about our District?

Webinar on Mentoring

On 11.08 we held a webinar on Mentoring in the Club with a special guest Philip Bendeich from Australia. He shared how to organize mentoring in your Club and what benefits it gives. The recording will be available on our YouTube channel.

Club Officers Training

The deadline for training the officers and gaining points in the Distinguished Club Program is 31.08. If you are a Club Officer and you have not been trained, contact your Area Director for a second chance or check our website calendar for updates.

3 reasons why you should attend Club Officers Training

  1. Prepare yourself for a new leadership role
  2. Expand your network by meeting new Club Officers
  3. Help your Club earn a point in the Distinguished Club Program

Efekt Toastmasters 2018

The biggest Polish National Toastmasters Conference will happen this August, 24-26th in Poznan. Check out the event here. 

Smedley Award

Toastmasters International and District 108 organize the membership-building contests and incentives to motivate and reward you for exceptional membership growth. To win the Smedley Award, your Club should add at least 5 new, dual or reinstated members from August 1st to September 30th. The Club with the biggest membership growth will win $100 credit for TMI shop or Club marketing expenses. Here are some resources to help you win the contest:

Club Ambassador Program

Are you interested in seeing other Toastmasters Clubs in your own town or all around the world? Now you have one more reason to do it! By enrolling in Club Ambassador Program and submitting the highest numbers of reports by filling this form you can become a champion of your Area, Division or even the District and receive surprise prizes during the District Conference!

The rules are very simple:

  1. Visit a Toastmasters Club all over the world other than yours (visit can’t be a part of your duty as a District Officer)
  2. Fill the Club Ambassador Program form after the visit if you have permission from the Club you are visiting
  3. Don’t forget to share your memories on our Facebook page.

Proxy for International Convention

We want all Clubs in District 108 to be represented during the Annual Business Meeting which will take place during the International Convention. Of course, it would be great if all Club Presidents could join it in person and of course we need to be realistic about it. That’s why each Club can assign a proxy and even instruct the proxy holder on how to vote!

If you are a Club President or Secretary, please assign your proxy at toastmasters.org.

Here you can find the detailed instruction how to do it. Click here for Polish version.

Our communication channels

Do you want to learn more about District 108 initiatives? Talk about it with your Area Director and follow us on:

Facebook Fanpage– be updated with D108 information

Facebook Discussion Group– discuss interesting topics with other members

Facebook D108 PR Group– share ideas with D108 PR Team

LinkedIn– help promote D108 for non-Toastmasters

WebPage– check D108 blog and calendar

Instagram– see what D108 Clubs are doing

YouTube– watch D108 webinars


Thanks for staying with us!

Your D108 Team 🙂


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