Corpus Christi Retreat

“Those who decide to use leisure as a mean of mental development, who love good music, good books, good pictures, good plays, good company, good conversation – what are they? They are the happiest people in the world” – William Lyon Phelps.

This quote seems to be right in case of Toastmasters Polska SA, the oldest Toastmasters Club in Poland. Each year, for almost 20 years, its Members traditionally have gone to the Corpus Christi Retreat (CCR).


CCR is a 4-day event in May or June (always during the long Corpus Christi weekend). Apart from the date and the name, it has nothing to do with this religious holiday.

For whom?

Being an open event, CCR every year gathers not only present members of the Club, but also former members and members of other Clubs in Poland (last years, we had a strong representation from Poznań).


It depends on the organizers. Most often CCR takes place somewhere not too far from Warsaw, where there is the access to some lake or river. This year, we went to Augustów,  situated at Necko Lake.

What for?

CCR creates perfect conditions for leisure, education and integration. There is an official agenda, with many interesting workshops, facilitating physical and mental development (martial arts, circus and performance art, drawing manga, deep processing of information, writing love letters, etc.), impromptu speeches contest, traditional mafia game, hare and hounds (podchody) and bonfire. What is worth mentioning, the workshops are delivered by participants themselves, sharing their skills, knowledge and passion. In the unofficial agenda, there is time for humorous or serious talks, fun, integration and rest.

The Killer game (the assassination role-play game)

During the entire CCR, an ongoing Killer (assassination) game takes place. The rules of that game are quite simple: you receive a random contract for “assassinating” another participant. You execute the contract by saying to that person “You are dead”, but under the condition that no one else is looking at you at that moment. Just after arriving to CCR, people start going everywhere in couples to avoid being assassinated (which strengthens the integration J). In the end, the winner is the only person who survived or the person who assassinated the biggest number of participants.

CCR spirit

Four days, dozens of participants (in 2018, 48 people, including 2 baby girls), lots of fun, games and entertainment. Above all,  positive attitude of people taking part in that event proving that good energy is contagious. Results? Just look at the photo above – it is quite self-explanatory.

You could also watch the video: Corpus Cristi Retreat 2018 by Toastmasters Polska SA

Are you coming with us next year… ?

Joanna Poznalska

Main organizer of the CCR in 2018
Toastmasters Polska SA

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