Are you interested to see other Toastmasters Clubs in your own town, country or more –  all around the world?

Now you have one more reason to do it! By enrolling into the CLUB AMBASSADOR PROGRAM and submitting the highest numbers of reports you can become a champion of your area, division or even the district and receive amazing prizes during the DISTRICT CONFERENCE! 

IMPORTANT! Now when Toastmasters clubs all over the world are meeting ONLINE, new rules apply to the Club Ambassador Program. 

A club visit can be counted online only if a visitor takes any role at the online club meeting and not just logging in. This should be also mentioned in the club visit registration form.

Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe!

There are 4 LEVELS of club ambassadors:
LEVEL #1EMERALD for reporting 5 club visits.
LEVEL #2SAPPHIRE for reporting 10 clubs visits.
LEVEL #3RUBY for reporting 15 club visits.
LEVEL #4DIAMOND for reporting 30 club visits.
The rules are very simple:
RULE #1. Visit a Toastmasters Club anywhere around the world other than yours. IMPORTANT: visit can’t be a part of your duty as a District Officer.
RULE #2. Fill in the Club Ambassador Program form after the visit HERE.