Busy Bees of District 108 – What are the leaders up to?

Happy New Year, Everybody!

We are now at the beginning of yet another Toastmasters journey.

So many tasks and goals and challenges!

So many things to do!

And all of that still ahead of us!

Or is it…?

I am happy to inform District 108 is already teeming with efforts!

How many people it takes to run the District? Over 1800. Because that is the task of every single member. And you, my dear reader, are an important and crucial part of the District! You have certainly made some plans already. Perhaps you want to finish your Pathway? Or want to become an Odyssey mentor? Or maybe you have just began your Toastmasters journey and the plan is your Icebreaker? No matter the plan – you are not alone with it! There are many who will help you!

The first instance are your club officers. A great many of them! With more than 90 clubs and 7 officers in each club, there are almost 700 leaders in the District! They are ready to help every single member to become a better speaker and a better leader, to achieve all 5 core competencies of Pathways program. And they are becoming ever more busy. Most of them already had handover meetings with their predecessors, to learn more about their tasks for the upcoming year. Now is the time for COT – Club Officers Training. The first of these trainings already took place on June 20th for the officers of Division D. More will be coming this month. As a result, we will have a lot of well-trained officers. If 4/7 officers in a club are trained, they get a DCP point – one step closer to being a Distinguished club! And if they are all trained? Surprise! They all get officer pins!

But who will help the helpers? Who will guide Club Officers and offer them support in the great task that lies ahead of them? That’s where the District Officers come in!

20 Area Directors

5 Division Directors

5 members of the Core Team

3 members of the District Trio

In total, 33 people devoted to making our District an enjoyable and friendly environment for personal growth and achieving goals of every member. Don’t believe it? You can see that in the District Presentation – that is our District Vision!

And what are the District Officers doing? A great many of things! There have been already two weekend sessions od District Officers Training. The Directors and Core Team learnt how to lead people around them, how to incorporate Toastmasters rules into their everyday duties and how to bind it all with their very own WHY. The second of these sessions was visited by no one else than Pat Johnson – our Region Advisor, and past International President of the Toastmasters!

Those two sessions where accompanied by a bootcamp! Elena, our new District Director, invited her team to Warsaw for a full two days of workshops and discussions. Rumour has it, they could not stop planning the best solutions for our District until 4 in the morning!


Certainly, with so much work in progress already this will be a truly magnificent year!

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