About Us

Strong Together

This is our moto and we encourage all to use it as hashtag in every social media post.

Award, Campaigns +

To honor those who go above and beyond, members, clubs, areas and divisions.

Mentoring Platform

A journey where you will discover new potential & new strength as a mentor or a mentee. A journey in search for a better self.

Conferences & Trainings

A critical element to creating a successful district is providing effective training for club leaders and division and area directors.

Our Amazing Team

District 108 Trio

Melissa Peterson

Monika Szlachta

District Director

Nicolas Anderson

Kamil Chmiel

Program Quality Director

Annette Ferintor

Łukasz Chomicz

Club Growth Director

District 108 Core Team

Gerardo Garcia

Public Relations Manager

Ilona Żylińska

Finance Manager

Alicja Maciocha

Administration Manager

Dovile Kurpyte

Immediate Past District Director

District 108 Extended Core Team

Wojtek Wolski

Logistics Manager

Ilona Żylińska


Mantas Lipnickas


Olga Turek-Woźniak

Leadership Succession Chair

Paulina Szot

Contest Quality Chair

Katarzyna Kabat

Advanced Education Chair

Naza Simińska

Introductory Education Chair

Ewa Bocheńska

Mentoring Chair

Joanna Bołtruczyk

Facebook Engament Partner

Irina Četovičienė

Instagram Engagement Partner

Nataly Garcia

LinkedIn Engagement Partner



District 108 Divisions Directors

Monika Nowicka

Division A Director

Jurgita Keblytė

Division B Director

Bogdan Czarnecki

Division C Director

Zbyszek Dzideczek

Division D Director

Marta Korsak

Division E Director

Yana Moskalkova

Division F Director

District 108 Area Directors

District 108 Division A

District 108 Division B

District 108 Division C

District 108 Division D

District 108 Division E

District 108 Division F