A golden nugget

„Say yes to opportunities when they come along” – these were the words of the World Champion of Public Speaking 1995, Mark L. Brown, my role model, in one of his videos in his 90 day challenge.

He tells a story when he came to the finals in the World Championship of Public Speaking along with 8 other contestants. But he didn’t win. Then David Brookes, the 1990 World Champion, the Mastermentor, came into his life.

David  offered his help to prepare Mark  for the championship next year. And Mark said Yes.

Next year, in 1995 he won theWorld Championship of Public Speaking.

You can watch his winning speech here:

Now he works as a recognized and well-established Keynote Speaker and mentor all over the world. I had a pleasure to meet him and his wonderful wife Andrea in a Spectacular Speaking workshop in Berlin in 2016.

We are  still in touch.

I love listening to his beautiful, inspiring stories and speeches. I can see that what he tells and  teaches  yields good fruit.

So when we had club elections in Poland’s First TM and I was proposed as Vice  PR, his words immediately came back to me : „Say yes to opportunities.” And I considered that an opportunity.  

First I was taken aback by the proposal but then I saw it as a chance for the club to engage my skills, experience, and heart into PR activities. And for  myself to develop and grow in PR area.

 I was ready to take up the duties. Yet Roman Mukhowski, another member was proposed and he chosen. I know why – he is very skilled at making videos and taking pictures. And he is a very nice person.

It didn’t discourage me to volunteer for a club coach position when a request from Elena Pawęta, Club Growth Director of our district, came as an open call. As a long-standing member, with a year of experience as a club secretary in First Berlin Toastmasters, I qualified and was appointed a club coach for a club as far away as in cold and chilly Finland  – Virtual Speakers.

For those who said yes to that opportunity  there is a special reward. Club coaches will get a bonus of getting an additional credit  – a club coach plus district officer role. But only this year.

As you can see – it’s worth it! Even double worth it!

Now, will you say yes to opportunities when they come along?

Author: Ewa Czech, First Toastmasters Club

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