4th Integration at the Springs: Strength from Relationships

Are you wondering if it is worth organizing a bigger Toastmasters event? Will you manage? Where to start? What will it give us?

At the end of June, Toastmasters Czestochowa organized The 4th Integration at the Springs. On Friday, June 22nd our eight-member-team is in full readiness from the morning,last phone calls, last  arrangements, we check if everything is packed and we set off to gain strength from relationships.

We leave behind 5 months of preparations, many hours of creative, stormy meetings, searching for an interesting place in the Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska, dozens of emails and phone calls, negotiations, talks with sponsors; in the boot of the car  the guitar befriends the flip chart, and the evening outfits look suspiciously at the barbeque t-shirts and jeans, the road is slightly bumpy, every now and then we hear the clink of integration souvenir mugs.

We face the Jurassic wilderness, we can see wooded hills, our eyes enjoy the space. I read aloud the text messages from my phone: “I cannot wait any longer!,” “We’re coming, we can’t wait!”. We are happy because we feel that something unique is happening: We know that in a moment, Justyna’s words, which she wrote on the Integration website, will prove themselves to be true:

“What is strength? Consequence, steadfastness, perseverance? Yes, but it sounds pathetic. Strength can also be a conviction, a sense that it is worth it. We create this strength in our Toastmasters clubs. Our strength comes from knowing ourselves, finding the need for development and  showing gratitude for sharing our knowledge and experience. We have a wonderful opportunity to create an event dedicated to all those who want to feel part of  our vibrant community, joined by the strength of  human bonds. The relationships that have their origins in this type of events begin beautiful stories of friendship. The networking happening there, translates into effective contacts. It is thanks to relationships that we grow and we can dare to do more.”

What exactly happened during those 3 days?

We (56 Toastmasters) took part in 7 workshops with the best Toastmasters leaders, and we attended 7 trainings for new club officers.  We were laughing hard during the evening of improvisation on Friday evening,  sang by the barbecue till sunrise. Another surprise was the Master Class: 3 people completed 6 Pathways projects within 2 days.  We discovered comedy talents during Stand up comedy, and danced through Saturday night.  And it really feels good when in the morning you practice juggling and you are filled with joy.

Was it worth it? Definitely yes!  We learned, gained confidence and really had a lot of fun taking the challenge together.

We invite you here next year. Freedom, knowledge and water from the spring of Saint Giles await us.  Relations are our source. We become STRONG TOGETHER!

Author: Olga Turek-Woźniak Division D Director

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